Moving in Together? Here’s a Few Tips!

Moving in with your partner is a special and important milestone in the relationship, and we congratulate you if you’re there! Chances are, though, that there’s plenty to consider, so here’s a few tips on how to make the whole process fun, romantic, and easy!

The Space

Picking a home is usually a challenging part of the moving in process. You can move to their home, or vice versa, or you can both find a new, neutral space to start fresh. The best thing to do here is to sit down with your partner and discuss, keeping in mind comfort, finances, rent vs, mortgage, placement of each home, and any other factors that come to mind. We say, make a pro/con list, and whichever option makes the most sense, go for that!

Talk It Out

This brings us to our next best tip; living together with someone is a big step, and there’s a lot to consider! From chores to schedules to financial responsibilities, you’re going to be sharing the majority of your life with someone. Sit down either before or immediately after moving in, and decide how you’ll be splitting responsibilities, duties, and chores. This is also a great time to talk pets, kids, and routines.

Joint Ownership

                      Presumably, your partner is also currently living in a full-fledged home, and has their fair share of belongings. Make a list online of belongings, and analyze what you have too much of, what you don’t have enough of, and whose furniture/item/tool/knickknack is better suited to your joint needs. Donate or sell what you don’t need, store what you’re unsure about, and be prepared to downsize considerably!



Your Own Touch

You’ve got your own style, and that’s great! It’s important to keep what holds value to you, and create a space together that you both feel comfortable in! Although meeting in the middle is great, don’t forego your style or home identity completely! A good way to split the middle is to have special ‘zones’ that are your own (for both partners), with which you can do whatever you want; this has the added benefit of letting you create an area where you can go when you need some me-time, without having to leave the house.

Compromise, Compromise, Compromise

It’s the mantra for every couple about to move in, and it’s a good one! You’re going to be sharing almost all your belongings with someone, and a lot of things can get annoying if you let them. Remember to give room and know which battles are worth fighting, and which you can let go. Talk it out and reach a consensus, even if sometimes that means something you can tolerate, and not be ecstatic about. In the end, though, what works for someone else may not work for you. The best thing you can do is talk to each other and give yourselves room, and you’ll find a groove unique to you!

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