The Ultimate Pre-Moving Checklist

You’ve decided to move, and that’s great! We’re determined to make your move as easy and stress-free as it can be, and that’s why we’ve put together this ultimate checklist!

4 Weeks Before

  • Get organized

Make lists, do your research, make a folder, digital or physical, and include all the details. You can’t remember everything, and this is an excellent way to stay on top of it all!

  • Get help

Better early than late and frazzled, we always say! Schedule a few estimates with us, so that we can help you figure out costs, time, and everything involved.

  • Get a budget planned

Sit down one day to work out a rough total. Doing this early helps get everything streamlined, so you’re not left fumbling on move day!

  • Get collecting

Save delivery boxes, and call your friends and family to see if they have any boxes to spare; better yet, call us! We have boxes and all the packing supplies you could need. Starting early and collecting means you can get most of what you need without the cost. This is also a great time to label your boxes!

  • Get rid of the junk

Sort through all the ‘dead’ stuff at home, and sell or donate whatever you don’t need, want, can’t use, or can’t transport. This saves cost and makes packing easier, plus, you won’t be taking things you don’t want or need to your new home!

2 Weeks Before

  • Change your address

It’s obvious, but vital! Get your address changed on all subscriptions, documents, post, and memberships, so that you aren’t left dealing with a mess of confusion whenever you move.

  • Start packing

Start small and pack what you use least. Leaving it all at the end is overwhelming, and often things end up forgotten in the process!

  • Get rugs, drapes etc. out of the way

Send heavy items like drapes, curtains and carpets cleaned, and leave them packed when they return – it makes transport and moving a breeze!

1 Week Before

  • Start packing for real

Pick a room, get started! This is for active packing, and only absolute essentials stay. Move room by room, labelling and taping as you go.

  • Tackle the fridge

Call friends for a day of feasting, donate whatever you can, and let the fridge thaw out completely before you need to move it.

Day Of

  • Keep the Essentials

Pack the first-night essentials separately, and keep them with you; while everything else comes in, you won’t be scrambling for the must-haves!

  • Supervise

Make sure fragile boxes are packed safely, and everything gets packed as needed.

  • Put away odds and ends

This is when you get all the last-minute things packed up and ready to go! Get everything packed, tagged, and ready to go.

  • One last scan

Comb through your home one more time, checking all permanent storage for anything left behind.

As long as you follow this list, shifting will be an absolute breeze! From packing away one home to unpacking the next, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, and we can help you every step of the way!

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