What To Throw And What To Keep: A Guide To Decluttering Before Your Next Move

The most challenging part of moving houses is to accept the fact that decluttering is essential finally. Years’ worth of memories and mementos will have to be foregone to reduce the load when moving. However, it is easier said than done. Many people struggle to clear their homes before the significant shift and, in most cases, do not even know where to begin in terms of decluttering. This article will mention how you can best decide on what items to keep and which to throw away, effectively decluttering before the big move.

Use the extras now

An essential step in decluttering is to understand if you keep extras of something, for example, toothpaste, shampoos, etc. and use those before the move. In this way, you will be reducing all the items you would have to take when moving and putting them to fair use. This method will also effectively help in decluttering by getting rid of extra items.

Have a necessities box

The necessities box will have all the items you will need until the last day of your move, items such as toiletries, which can be kept aside and used until the very last day. Moreover, once you have moved, you will not have to look for your necessities through the towers of boxes.

Try the three-box technique

The three-box technique is when you pack up every room using three essential boxes; one for stuff you will take, one for stuff you will throw, and one for stuff you will donate or sell. Through this method, you can organize your furniture and items carefully and effectively, decluttering as you go along with your packing.

Leave the hard decisions for last

If you cannot decide if you want to keep or throw, keep them for last. In this way, you won’t get stuck on one particular object and keep packing in a smooth flow. After you are done with all the packing, you can come back to these difficult decisions and then decide what to do when they.

Check expiration dates

If an item has been in your storage for a long time, it is best to check their expiration dates before packing them so you can throw away expired items before they are packed and take up space that could have been given to items that would still be in use. Through this method, you can effectively filter out the items you no longer use for and declutter.

Hire professional movers

If you are unsure about which items you want to keep or sell and are on a time crunch, the best decision would be to get everything packed by professional moving companies who will pack everything efficiently and move it for you. After your shift, you can spend ample time trying to declutter the items as you keep unpacking each box.

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