Is it safe to hire removals during a global health pandemic?

Is it permitted to Move during COVID-19?


For many of us using a removal company is a necessity for moving home. The good news is that you can still hire one!

In May, the UK government renewed its travel advice to England and relaxed the rules for buying and selling homes. They said it was safe to move as long as there were social distancing measures in place.

Is it Safe to Move during COVID-19?


Sometimes moving, whether you are moving  locally or internationally, is inevitable. However, if you have any flexibility on your moving date, it is best to wait for the move until lockdown is over. If you don’t have the flexibility, the next thing you can do is work closely with your removal company to learn what they’re doing — and what to do — to ensure as safe as possible move.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Removal Companies 

Travel companies are taking coronavirus seriously. To do so, companies across the country have set policies designed to protect their employees and their customers. These include:

  • Follow organizational and local guidelines on community mobility and hygiene
  • Doing visual research instead of home studies to provide estimates via online surveys 
  • Frequent cleaning of trucks and equipment
  • Maintaining 6 feet distance with staff and customers 
  • Wearing masks and gloves at all times
  • Keeping trucks full of hand sanitizer.

All of these practices help to ensure that removal services can remain securely accessible.

How to Prepare for Your COVID-19 Friendly Move

Choose your movers carefully

If you plan on hiring removal companies to move your goods from your current home to a new one, it is helpful to ask many questions about safety measures – not just about controlling your move, but about COVID-19. Ensure your belongings will be transported in a well-cleaned van.

Wipe and disinfect your furniture and moving boxes

Even if you hope that your carriers have taken everything to protect you and your property, the scary thing about COVID-19 is that you may have distributed it while you were not brave. As such, one or more of your carriers may be a carrier and sneeze or cough unconsciously on something they deliver.

It’s likely your new home will be clean and tidy when you arrive. But you will never know what germs a newcomer may have left behind, so be ready to clean before disassembling.

Right now it may be the worst time you can think of to move on, but if it is the situation you are in, do your part to stay safe throughout the process.

You can find more information on moving house during pandemic on government’s website:

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